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  • Unborn children affected by new laws in Illinois and New York
  • Melanie’s daughter-in-law, Melissa—breast cancer
  • Scott’s friend, Santino—anemic, upcoming ultrasound
  • Rick & Maggie’s son, Eric—colon cancer in lymph nodes
  • Donna’s Aunt Inez—cancer has returned, starting chemo
  • Coy & Mary Lou’s daughter, Bethann—upcoming surgery
  • Cris & Kathy’s sister, Linda—broken arm
  • Bill & Sherry’s son, Jake and wife—adopting a baby boy
  • Brianne McMillian—diagnosed with cancer
  • Cassidy Walters—diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma
  • Eileen’s nephew, Tim—struggling with drugs, homelessness
  • Devlin’s friend, Anthony Hill—diagnosed with cancer
  • Kara’s mom—continuing health problems